Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Biro Artis Muda Karyawan

(25th of march,15:00)Today i attend a meeting held by Karyawan Malaysia,
Karyawan dah cipta another Biro called "Biro Artis Muda"

I was late because of the wrong information given..
(wish i could eloborate on that but its ok i am happy at the end of the day)

We had sum issues featured out in the 2 hours meeting,problems,issues,cases that need to be sort out.
I said sumthing in the meeting which was about an alocate,or support for new artists who has passion in music and wants to further their knowledge in music education.

The people in the room agreed with me when i say,most new artists looks really 'gah' ..but the 'poket'is also'kering' sumtimes.Especially to pay for music studies(really expensive)
I wonder if Karyawan can help these artists to be better and increase quality.
The response from Mr. Freddie Fernandez was positive.I hope sumthing will happen.

At the end of the meeting,they wanted to have few volunteered to be the commitee members.I did,cause i know i want and can help.
There's so many things i want to accomplish in this life.
Never want to be just a singer,So like i;ve said to the reporter,i want to be a part of this
sebab i want to help those people yang ada ultimate passion to learn and make music of their own but never had the chance to do so.
Writing,producing,composing is a satisfying feeling.
Sindarela has make me feel so confident that i can make this happen.
To any other artists,who always dream to write song to start a new agenda do say sumthing..
We'll be having our 1st meeting as a team next monday.(can email me at
And will reveal the other 8 commitee standing side by side with me.
Hopefully everybody can work together to achieve each others mission.

This Biro is not just for singers also for actors..we have a commitee member who's in charge of new actors.

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nairil said...

bestnya amylea dah ader blog.
rasa rapat jer dgn amylea bila dpt baca luahan hati n berita dari jari amylea sendiri.
teruskan usaha amylea. awak masih relevan di persada seni tanah air.
saya jgk menyokong segala yang amylea usahakan..