Sunday, March 23, 2008

Malam Karyawan Agung Tan Sri P.Ramlee n Konsert AF6 pertama

Last nite,22nd of march,
I had a show with Karyawan,was a tribute to Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee,i sang "Bila Larut Malam"

It was a good show,people were very happy,and anticipated with the quizes as well.
I had fun!
Sweet memories,performing side by side with all senior artists..such as Ahmad Fauzee,Musly Ramlee,Mimi Loma,S.Azli,R.Ismail and few others..
I know sum people really dont know who they are,but they were singing sensations once upon a time ago.And yet still got lovely voices..Plus
ada Datuk Sarimah and others were watching as special guests.

My manager will post the video to You Tube soon..hurry James!

>>>Konsert Af6 Yang Pertama.

Disebabkan 'ada' show,i did not get the chance to watch it live,'tapi' still watch ulangan around 12 o'clock today.
After the show last nite we went 'makan' and i've read so many comments at @15 carpet.Thats why i've got to watch it.
To be honest,
it was what i expected to be..a bit dull with the singing,
and perfomance yg ok was Nadia and Riz,watched radar aka diary af this week,i felt what Riz is going thru..i hope he'll stay strong and continue to study and shine thru the weeks to come.

I dont understand few students in AF6 who i think,not suitable to be in there,
I hope they will try to concentrate on learning and pick up the pace..cuz its too slow,,

He was quite ok,people were just giving him too much of expectations
And the spot as AF host is a big shoe to fill.
Aznil will always be "the" host of AF.
bt i hope ac stay strong and just carry on his way.
Good luck guys for next week!

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