Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Biro Artis Muda Karyawan

(25th of march,15:00)Today i attend a meeting held by Karyawan Malaysia,
Karyawan dah cipta another Biro called "Biro Artis Muda"

I was late because of the wrong information given..
(wish i could eloborate on that but its ok i am happy at the end of the day)

We had sum issues featured out in the 2 hours meeting,problems,issues,cases that need to be sort out.
I said sumthing in the meeting which was about an alocate,or support for new artists who has passion in music and wants to further their knowledge in music education.

The people in the room agreed with me when i say,most new artists looks really 'gah' ..but the 'poket'is also'kering' sumtimes.Especially to pay for music studies(really expensive)
I wonder if Karyawan can help these artists to be better and increase quality.
The response from Mr. Freddie Fernandez was positive.I hope sumthing will happen.

At the end of the meeting,they wanted to have few volunteered to be the commitee members.I did,cause i know i want and can help.
There's so many things i want to accomplish in this life.
Never want to be just a singer,So like i;ve said to the reporter,i want to be a part of this
sebab i want to help those people yang ada ultimate passion to learn and make music of their own but never had the chance to do so.
Writing,producing,composing is a satisfying feeling.
Sindarela has make me feel so confident that i can make this happen.
To any other artists,who always dream to write song to start a new agenda do say sumthing..
We'll be having our 1st meeting as a team next monday.(can email me at
And will reveal the other 8 commitee standing side by side with me.
Hopefully everybody can work together to achieve each others mission.

This Biro is not just for singers also for actors..we have a commitee member who's in charge of new actors.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Me? a DIVA?

Hye all,I just read a comment made by one of local reporter about one of AF6 contestant.
Someone link it to me,
Well,basically was praising the contestant how she excel last nite's concert,which i personally think she did.

Yang membuatkan i tertanya tanya,why did he mention my name as a comparison to the contestant,saying that "he hope she wont be a diva in the academy?>>like amylea
Wow,that's very ethical..i wonder when he went into the academy and knew mcm mana perangai i at that time.

I admit my days in the academy i'm very outspoken,i work hard because i really enjoy the learning process and neglect the fact that i was making foes by not being "real friendly"

Salah ke if i wanted to be my self?
I'm the kind of person who is more dedicate to my parents than friends.
i do not go out and hang with friends way before i went into the academy.To me
masa tu,i was just living with a bunch of 13 strangers.
I am sorry but i dont think i can share all my secrets by just knowing all of them in 3 weeks.
jadi i am "kera sumbang" or what not people wanted to call me.

From 730am in the morning until 10 pm at nite we go to classes together,eat together,dance together,
do almost everything together.
The only time i have for my self is when dah abes class and sampai asrama.

I nak mandi,relax,listen to my lagu for the week.
cuz i dont listen to it all thetime in the academy..everybody has their own way.hafal lirik
i really really enjoy that..
I dont have a phone to talk to my mum n dad( if people who knows me personally they will know how close i am with my mother n father)
So,is it a crime for me not to join the party next door?
Yes they were having fun,chatting,and giggling about stuffs in the other room..
and i dont think what they did is a crime either
Its just that,
i need room for my self before i went nuts in there.
I'm just different frm other teenagers..
but i am certainly NOT a diva,
Diva stand for sombong in my dictionary
and to muslim
Sombong itu hanya sifat ALLAH
so i shall forget about having that attitude in my life
Yet,i dont have anythign to be proud of..i am still struggling to live this life.And happens i do not kiss aS* just to get the attention from the paper.
I hope people will only write because of a success that i did.
I hope the contestant frm af6 will get even better,i spoke to my lovely friend and teacher Linda Jasmine,she also gave good comments about her.
Oh ya,and so you guys know,,
i am still am so close with all the teachers..
if i'm such a stuck up..i dunt think they will still talk to me.

thanx a lot...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Malam Karyawan Agung Tan Sri P.Ramlee n Konsert AF6 pertama

Last nite,22nd of march,
I had a show with Karyawan,was a tribute to Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee,i sang "Bila Larut Malam"

It was a good show,people were very happy,and anticipated with the quizes as well.
I had fun!
Sweet memories,performing side by side with all senior artists..such as Ahmad Fauzee,Musly Ramlee,Mimi Loma,S.Azli,R.Ismail and few others..
I know sum people really dont know who they are,but they were singing sensations once upon a time ago.And yet still got lovely voices..Plus
ada Datuk Sarimah and others were watching as special guests.

My manager will post the video to You Tube soon..hurry James!

>>>Konsert Af6 Yang Pertama.

Disebabkan 'ada' show,i did not get the chance to watch it live,'tapi' still watch ulangan around 12 o'clock today.
After the show last nite we went 'makan' and i've read so many comments at @15 carpet.Thats why i've got to watch it.
To be honest,
it was what i expected to be..a bit dull with the singing,
and perfomance yg ok was Nadia and Riz,watched radar aka diary af this week,i felt what Riz is going thru..i hope he'll stay strong and continue to study and shine thru the weeks to come.

I dont understand few students in AF6 who i think,not suitable to be in there,
I hope they will try to concentrate on learning and pick up the pace..cuz its too slow,,

He was quite ok,people were just giving him too much of expectations
And the spot as AF host is a big shoe to fill.
Aznil will always be "the" host of AF.
bt i hope ac stay strong and just carry on his way.
Good luck guys for next week!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Suria FM Interview 14th Of March

Had an interview with Akhtar at Suria Fm,had really great time with her,
We finished around 930pm,

Here's my pic with akhtar that nite!

Saturday, March 15, 2008



Erghh..I just arrive home from Batang Berjuntai,woah..sooo far..soo tired...
Need rest..
Relaxing at home watching tv wud be just nice!

>>pics with the students commitee members!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New One!

The Signature

Since i was 13..i create and use signature ni..
kiranya klu time exam i will sign at the back of the papers..(cam bagus ah.)
Sampailah last year i decided to change so i did.

And dptlah a new signature..dari prespektif ramai,sign yg lama tu,the old signature just brings negative aura..heheheh
so this is what i decide to use frm now on...

>> this picture taken frm af5 finals..
af1-af 4 nak g menuju puncak ramai2



Wow,af dh 6thn ..thats really cool but..
sum say its getting boring.. i have no idea..
hopefully xde la boring..

And dh tgk 25 org yg dicalonkan pelajar af6..
and still xtau sape yg akan dpt sape yg akan say gudbye awal2...
Knowing the reality of the show,masa my time dulu...we have Prelude Concert..which sent 8 contestants balik umah..termasuk Mawi and Marsha..the famous M&M
while mawi n marsha came back to the show and lasted with me n felix until the finals..
Lagi 6??
Not one person ever ask where they've crushed their dreams were..
Sebab telah diberi 'kezutan' yg tak sepatutnya diberikan....arghh(takleh bygkan if i yg rasa apa yg diorang rasa)
Yg masih in contact with me is Azlif( the pink guy) hheehhehe still in JB singing...
and Shiha..still singing.. got her a job singing kat Cerana Restaurant,Cheras
Yg lain..i have no idea..i lost contact...oh ya..Rina is back with an album..Gudluck dear..

So persoalannya how's af6 guna be?
beberapa org akan tersingkir awal2..
very hurtful,my heart goes out to them...and harap2..yg layak utk musim ke 6 nie..betul2 naikkan semangat af kembali,..
I'm way past the AF life,three years aredi...i'm leaving that title..:)
One of the most memorable time of my life!


The cat in The family

we have a cat..named wana(mirwana) kucing tina..
So last year gave birth to 5 kittens..
yg sulung tu(betina) dh bg kat org dan skrg namanya sandy
2nd..dh bg org juga..tatau la nasib dia..4th mati..5th pun mati..
so yg 3rd tu masih dgn kami cuz dia ni lain sikit..
I love him!!
POLO his name is
We love him soo much
>> this book ni is my planner sum might say..where i tulis all my schedule and things to do!!..

Amylea's Favourite BOOK..

Memperkenalkan Starbook.Introducing Starbook..sebut betul2..

Ni gambar posing buku kesayangan i..i really love this book,..its hard getting this book..
Kena kumpul stickers,luckily i got it in just two days!!!(i dont have to drink that much..just got them from nice people who donates their stickers to me heeee)
they dont want it so...YAY!

How Alia dengki nya kat i..hua hua hua..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The SinDarEla Song story

I got the chance to write a song for tv3's latest drama ,directed by Shahrulezad>>called 'Sindarela'
At 1st i had to find a composer to do the song for me,
yelah mcm biasa penyanyi cari komposer,tapi lain pulak jadinya,when i couldn't find anyone to do the song for me,
Dengan budget yang mm well..tiada.
So called up my old friend..We went to high school together
it was on the 27th of december..yes..i tulis tarikh tu dlm buku fav i!! (i got it frm drinking at Starbucks with a lot of ppl,to get this fab book u have to drink at starbucks pastu kumpul stickers,17 all together)
Anyways..So i call him up
Without any hesitations dia terus ckp YES,wanted to help me out..

So 2 days after that..dia siap buat demo for me..simple ones that my manager James Wong and my buddy Isma Yusoof to give it to Ezad to hear it..Rough ones..just nk bg ezad dgr lagu tu berentak yg dia mintak..(was in Langkawi that time)

Sampai je KL,on the 2nd,mlm tu i went to Hartamas utk dgr musicians jam' lagu tu..
At the moment,we dont have a melody or lyrics.

So i dh pening..but was excited as well,the arranger made sumthing that exactly we wanted it to be..
After the jamming session,we went minum n lepak sebentar while my head spinning for a while..
i have few verses yg i sempat tulis di Langkawi

Ini yg wujud masa tu>>>
Perlukah aku
Menanti dirimu
Dengan dirinya mengagungkan aku

Mestikah aku
Pergi bersamanya
Dengan dirimu sentiasa ku puja
hen lepas sembang2,kitaorang blk umah James sekejap nk brainstorming sikit katanya..heheheh
Me n Isma did the chorus
Masa jamming i wrote down..'Aku ..akulah sindarela..hatiku/angan/mimpi ntah apa2 lagi

So Isma n me just wrap it off with >>
Aku..akulah sindarela
Hatiku diriku
Cerita hidupku
Akulah sindarela..
the lalalala comes 2 days after that masa tgh syok nyanyi rasa kena tambah sikit hehhehehe

Then kitaorang siapkan rangka for the 2nd verse yg akhirnya slepas ditukar sikit
Sanggupkah aku
Hilangkan mimpi ku
Apa yang ku perlu antara keinginanku

Adakah aku
Harus memilihnya
Bila dirimu sentiasa ku puja

I was a bit moody mlm tu,cuz ntah la..i'm always emo.hahahha
James ngan Isma dah gelak2..sbb sore i dh jadi cam 'tut'

I balik,dgn pesanan ringkas..dari Isma..
Esok siapkan lirik dgn melodi please..ntah la napa balik mlm tu i cant access thru the internet(to listen to the rough song frm my email) there fore,i just tertido..
wake up je..terus cam gelabah..

I listen to it twice..
then i terus type (usually i write it down atas kertas)
this is what i wrote n didnt change it at all..straight frm the heart..frm the chordings i heard bersama sama melodinya..
Dan bila hadirmu
Mengaburi hatiku
Meniti waktu mengisi saat kisah dongengku

Lakaran bahagiamu itu
Menjanjikan aku
Hanya akan..
Selalu di dlm anganku

So Isma online masa tu,i sent itvia YM and email.
gedebak gedebuk..Ezad liked it..(thanx)
so ptg tu i went with the arranger and the rest of the gang to our keyboardist .
I sang it
how the melody goes
and how the lyrics goes

the song was longer..
we did sum cutting in between..
etc etc...

We had a lot of tribulance in the making..
Tuhan saja yg tau..
but in the end we finally dpt hantar dkt ezad..
and tv3

But yet..
we also had to do 3 more versions of the song..thus,there were sindarela acoustic,
sindarela slow,sindarela piano and music box.
thanx to farouk and the musicians involved...

i owe Abg pacheye the highest gratitude..
cuz he help me record it dekat 'Vision Works' for the vocals and mixing and editing yg agung utk musicnya..Thanx a lot abg pacai...!!!

Ouh ya..
Isma help me do the photography of Sindarela EP cover,was so cool i lovee it!
(lucky me)And James has help me go thru this a lot!..woo hoo..sampai skrg pun masih tak habis kan??heheh
Dan tada...itu lah lahirnya 'Aku Sindarela' frm mmg susah gile..producing a song..but i want to do it again!!
I hope i cud do a video for this song..i want Ghaz Abu Bakar to do it..nnt lah..bilo kayo sikit..heheheheh

That's the story of Sindarela OST

My first day Blogging

Hello there,(salam)
My name is Amylea Azizan,
tatau la nape..i really want to try this blogging thing..
been reading afdlin's's really nice to share sum interesting thought/activities with others..
xdelah org ckp saya senyap ajer..hehehe ye lah..i dunt really been on papers often cuz..xde kontroversi utk dijaja kan.

I always write my thoughts on a piece of paper,so now cam canggih la on the internet!!..Anyway gudluck for me..yeahxxxx