Thursday, April 17, 2008

Majlis Amal untuk Anak2 yatim di Country Homes,Rawang

(Friday 11th April)

Last friday,i went to Rawang,another charity activity frm the same Orphan Home, i did before.
It was really fun singing for the beautiful kids..
They're so fun to chat with and very sporting,they followed me up on the stage and dance together to the song i was singing.

Later that night,i also went hang out with an old friend..Azlif from AF3's prelude.So long that i havent seen him.He's in town for a shoot with Astro the next morning.
He was with few friends finding stuffs for the shoot.
We had supper together near to my place...Cool..

Sunday,13th April

Signing Session For Berita Publishing

Went for the I remaja/Berita Publishing signing session at PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre).
Was quite a fun evening,besides the fact i had to wait for two hours to get a cab..yea..i dont have any transport to go anywhere cuz my manager is away in Kelantan
Gladly i finally found my self a ride,and made it there finally!

Then i went to KLCC,YES alone..
hhahaha..but i just need to buy some stuff.Was home around 8pm.Fhewww wut a day! Guess what..few hours after that i was not feeling very well..:(

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sempena Maulidur Rasul

Yesterday i went for a charity event held by Kelab Anak Yatim Semalaysia.
It was so awesome!!
" Konvoi Kembara Kasih" di sertai oleh lebih 200 kereta mewah.So i was in a BMW drived by Reza n his lovely Ayu,with anak2 yatim who lives in Cheras,Zura 15 and Yana 6,

I was picked up at home around 7am,then
drived to Puchong where all the orphans and other celebrities were gathered.
We had our breakfast and had good chats before we start the event.
Other celebs were,Ramli MS,Dato Aziz Sattar,my teachers,Adnan Abu Hassan and Siti Hajar,vice president of Karyawan Radhi Khalid,Syeda,Zally Husein and few more.

There i was taken throught out kl,its just so awesome
when you're escorted with police practically we caused such jam in KL yesterday hahahahhah

Our last stop was Putrajaya,
we finally had lunch at 4pmheheheh
and presented gifts to all the orphans and single mothers.
Was raining after the event ended..Hujan rahmat tue..

The hard thing was i had to cancel with Iremaja signing session that suppose to be at 3pm..i didnt know that its gunna be drag so late.
the event was suppose to end around 2pm.
but there's nothing i can do.
so hopefully next week i will make it to PWTC

Arrived home around 7..was so exhausted. and missing somebody huhu

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Turun je from Genting,around 3 sumthing..went straight to Biro Karyawan meeting held in Karyawan office in PJ,
We have discussed programs and promotion strategy to get more new artists to join us in this new Biro.

We were thinking of putting up a get together party,sumthing like "Layar Tanchap'( to those who dont know what'Layar Tanchap' is,
its a 'santai jamming session..heheh
so anybody can pick up a mic and sing and show their talent.
Not like a karaoke,mostly people who really have talents to show..hehehe
So,we believe this way can attract young new artsist to come and join the Biro.
Have said that,we will announce when and where it will be held...and everybody from the local scene can join the party!

After the meeting that took around 3 hours,i head up to Damansara Perdana,to record the malay version of 'When We Dance' with joe Flizzow.
I was quite happy with the result.Technically that's the last track for my album!
And i cant wait to release it!!
its such a good song..thank you so much Joe!

>>>selepas 3 coming soon!!

Anugerah Bintang Popular

Hi all..

Talking about Anugerah Bintang Popular,I got nominated last year for Top 5 Artis Baru Popular.I had a memorable experience going to all the states promoting the event.
I had fun,tho never thought people still support me to that level.
It doesnt matter you win or you dont but having fans supporting you,It means everything.

This year,wearing yet again from Amir Luqman's latest collection..A fusion batik short dress.Perfect for this year's theme..Batik Glamour!
I was with my manager,and Amir Luqman,
Got few shots frm the nite..not much tho,i tend to forget to take pictures..

Walk the red carpet with Mr Imran Ajmain..too bad we didnt have any personal photos together but here i cilok from sensasi selebriti! Thanx Imran,