Thursday, March 13, 2008



Wow,af dh 6thn ..thats really cool but..
sum say its getting boring.. i have no idea..
hopefully xde la boring..

And dh tgk 25 org yg dicalonkan pelajar af6..
and still xtau sape yg akan dpt sape yg akan say gudbye awal2...
Knowing the reality of the show,masa my time dulu...we have Prelude Concert..which sent 8 contestants balik umah..termasuk Mawi and Marsha..the famous M&M
while mawi n marsha came back to the show and lasted with me n felix until the finals..
Lagi 6??
Not one person ever ask where they've crushed their dreams were..
Sebab telah diberi 'kezutan' yg tak sepatutnya diberikan....arghh(takleh bygkan if i yg rasa apa yg diorang rasa)
Yg masih in contact with me is Azlif( the pink guy) hheehhehe still in JB singing...
and Shiha..still singing.. got her a job singing kat Cerana Restaurant,Cheras
Yg lain..i have no idea..i lost contact...oh ya..Rina is back with an album..Gudluck dear..

So persoalannya how's af6 guna be?
beberapa org akan tersingkir awal2..
very hurtful,my heart goes out to them...and harap2..yg layak utk musim ke 6 nie..betul2 naikkan semangat af kembali,..
I'm way past the AF life,three years aredi...i'm leaving that title..:)
One of the most memorable time of my life!

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nadiya said...

i rooted for u mase af3...
i think if u and farhan masok af5 surely u guys would have won..
really miss ur voice and best of luck