Monday, March 24, 2008

Me? a DIVA?

Hye all,I just read a comment made by one of local reporter about one of AF6 contestant.
Someone link it to me,
Well,basically was praising the contestant how she excel last nite's concert,which i personally think she did.

Yang membuatkan i tertanya tanya,why did he mention my name as a comparison to the contestant,saying that "he hope she wont be a diva in the academy?>>like amylea
Wow,that's very ethical..i wonder when he went into the academy and knew mcm mana perangai i at that time.

I admit my days in the academy i'm very outspoken,i work hard because i really enjoy the learning process and neglect the fact that i was making foes by not being "real friendly"

Salah ke if i wanted to be my self?
I'm the kind of person who is more dedicate to my parents than friends.
i do not go out and hang with friends way before i went into the academy.To me
masa tu,i was just living with a bunch of 13 strangers.
I am sorry but i dont think i can share all my secrets by just knowing all of them in 3 weeks.
jadi i am "kera sumbang" or what not people wanted to call me.

From 730am in the morning until 10 pm at nite we go to classes together,eat together,dance together,
do almost everything together.
The only time i have for my self is when dah abes class and sampai asrama.

I nak mandi,relax,listen to my lagu for the week.
cuz i dont listen to it all thetime in the academy..everybody has their own way.hafal lirik
i really really enjoy that..
I dont have a phone to talk to my mum n dad( if people who knows me personally they will know how close i am with my mother n father)
So,is it a crime for me not to join the party next door?
Yes they were having fun,chatting,and giggling about stuffs in the other room..
and i dont think what they did is a crime either
Its just that,
i need room for my self before i went nuts in there.
I'm just different frm other teenagers..
but i am certainly NOT a diva,
Diva stand for sombong in my dictionary
and to muslim
Sombong itu hanya sifat ALLAH
so i shall forget about having that attitude in my life
Yet,i dont have anythign to be proud of..i am still struggling to live this life.And happens i do not kiss aS* just to get the attention from the paper.
I hope people will only write because of a success that i did.
I hope the contestant frm af6 will get even better,i spoke to my lovely friend and teacher Linda Jasmine,she also gave good comments about her.
Oh ya,and so you guys know,,
i am still am so close with all the teachers..
if i'm such a stuck up..i dunt think they will still talk to me.

thanx a lot...


bloey said...

I have been an avid reader of your blog and I just have to comment on this issue. Can't resist the temptation!

Anyhow, yeah I do agree with you. How can you be suddenly close and share a part of yourself with newly found friends. Some people do need time to grow and accept people.

Anyhow, I salute you for being who you are! People may say you're a dive or a snob but it is much better than being a fake laughing about just to gain popularity to advance themselves in the show.

You go girl! You surely have my support!

nsdahlia said...

tetiba plak found ur blog. hehe~ anw, sapa cakap u diva? ntah ape2 ntah. its ok to be urself u noe, cuma sumtimes kena sesuaikan diri dgn keadaan. kalau kita jenis pendiam cthnya, takkan naik atas stage pun jwb sepatah2 kan? so sesuaikan diri dgn situasi. btw, u look sweet la, baru perasan. hua~ lagu sindarela tu pun bes gak. keep it up amylea!