Monday, July 13, 2009

Wekkend yg melampau penatnyer..huhu part1

hello diary..(as for 9th july-11th july)
meet again..Khamis pagi kul 530 dh bangun msg kat farouk( FLAVA) dat i mmg giler ngantuk and takleh bgn.. just asking him whether dia dh mandi.. and yg lain dh bgn ke belum.. dia ckp belum so i asked him bgtau i biler sumer dh mandi so dat i leh ngn mandi heheheh..slept around 3am so tulah tkleh nk bgn..

i am going to Kuala Terengganu for a show with RTM..going there with Aunty Shahizan Jelas(RTM) also the mother of Shafiq and Arif from FLAVA.. my diary sebelum ni i rasa i have mentioned how close i am with FLAVA.. n how important they are in my life.. lama sgt tak dpt nk hang out sejak dis our first show together selepas sekian lama...cuma kali ni.. without my dear brother Shahdan..while i was still dalam competition,Shahdan decide utk keluar dari FLAVA and pursue a different dream...skrg ni tgh berjuang dlm 'Pilih Kasih" i wish the very very best for the cool dude... i miss him sooo muchhh..

630am..THey arrived kat depan guard,... dlm keta aunty was driving,farouk duk depan..pali beside me..and shafiq kat belakang mcm biasa headphones on all time...
we stopped after entering karak highway for breakfast..shafiq jer tak mkn..then sambung perjalanan..i was sooo lost in my dream..tido giler deeeppp.

sambung perjalanan.. biler dh masuk terengganu.. i believe it was Kemaman.. sumer pun masing2 terjaga dan melihat lihat persekitaran...huh not mentioning perut pun mula berdikir barat..
mission aunty masa tu ialah mencari satar..ouh sata,..or how they spell it pun tatau hehe..then we finally jumpa after more than a half an hour..soon after that berhenti for lunch.. basically kitaorang makan sata tu jer byk smpai kenyang bukan the ultimate salty nasi ayam.. serious masin thp dewa,.
actually rombongan RTM beramai ramai ni menaiki bas and we're suppose to have a special keramaian menyambut kedatangan kami semua so wut to do we have to wait until the others arrive baru lah bleh nk g tempat tinggal and wut not.. then barulah i tau rupanya its going to be a home stay thingy.. it wud be my 3rd time.. tp kali ni wud be a first time to actually sleep at sumone's house....
round2 area KT.. then beli kuih..then round2 kejap sampailah we stop at one mobil station waiting for the bus to arrive..

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