Monday, July 20, 2009

part 2..

so bila bas dh smpai sumer pun bergerak ke kh teluk ketapang..whereby sumer dh tgg dgn bunga manggar la. daun2 yg wangi tu apa ntah yg dibaling2 kat kitaorang pergh cam special jer rasa..
actually i didnt know that acara ni melibatkan ok.. ni kali ke 3 la i terlibat with homestay tapi this time mmg betul2 tido umah org..

to be honest i tak nervous cam before.. i think its about time for me to grow up and not feel so estranged dgn org lain...u see dari kecik mmg i am not the person who alwys sleepover umah org.. tak kira sedara atau pun kawan2.. tanya lah my parents family,cousins or friends.. sgt lah tidak selesa..pernah one time i think i was 9 or 8 years old kononnya berani nk tido umah my uncle.. plan was to sleepover with all my cousins sbb tak puas bermain last2 i bgn tgh2 malam nangis dpn umah diorang nk balik.. huhu.. apalahhhh..

so since then i knew i am not the person yg boleh stay umah work tuntut i utk ke serata tempat,dan thats why la i have a guy manager and a guy assistant so that i dunt have to share the room.. its not them.. its just me.. i am a bit awkward sharing a room with ppl....i really love my privacy.

but ya know what,i give myself a chance this adopted parents were en Yusoof and wife Puan Ani,they're so kind and nice to me,. after picking me up on their car.. they brought me down to the beach for an high tea treats.. very cool.. but i am exhausted..
and then i found out i have sum sorts of activity the next day so i asked them if they can bring me to any stores so that i can buy myself pants and normal shirt..
guess what.. the charming couple g beli for me..arghhh segannyer.. dh lah mahal..
they bought me reebok pants and converse shirt.. aiyooo....

and ...i didnt even go to the beach for that activity cuz i was too tired and i am afraid m not able to perform if i go out to the sun like that..urmm.. but wore the outfit for the day...

the nite came.. and i was the 1st performer to come out.. was awesome. ,.walaupun sebelum show hujan lebat...
there were me..fabulous cats..and few other artists..

after the show come to an end.. kitaorang pun gerak la balik...actually was a bit of confusion of getting back the same nite or fly me home the next morning but aunty just decide to drive back.
so after saying goodbye and what not..pukul 2 pagi cmtu lah gerak dari stop IPOH

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