Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Change u..


I just spend an hour to read back all my postings until the 1st posting.. i realize the power of diary.. Words that stated ur emotions and feelings at the time,mmg amazing..
i mmg seorang yg pelupa..when i get to read them all back baru la dpt 're live' the moment again..totally awesome..
pada yg tak menulis diary,i seriously recommend it..if u tulis blog,u can always come back and delete it hahaha! like i did..

Bukan sbb apa, to me penyesalan ada lah satu emosi yg paling sukar dilalui..peritnya ya ALLAH mmg tidak terhingga..namun dalam konteks ini..menjaga hati adalah sesuatu yg sgt penting.

Talking about menjaga hati...
i pernah post satu topik yg bertajuk.. 'The Best Thing Ever Happen In My Life'
i sepatutnya tulis..The best thing YET....
cuz i shud hope sumthing better will happen in my life..well that was 2 years ago..i know better that we shud always believe things will get better and better everyday..time to time..

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