Thursday, April 17, 2008

Majlis Amal untuk Anak2 yatim di Country Homes,Rawang

(Friday 11th April)

Last friday,i went to Rawang,another charity activity frm the same Orphan Home, i did before.
It was really fun singing for the beautiful kids..
They're so fun to chat with and very sporting,they followed me up on the stage and dance together to the song i was singing.

Later that night,i also went hang out with an old friend..Azlif from AF3's prelude.So long that i havent seen him.He's in town for a shoot with Astro the next morning.
He was with few friends finding stuffs for the shoot.
We had supper together near to my place...Cool..

Sunday,13th April

Signing Session For Berita Publishing

Went for the I remaja/Berita Publishing signing session at PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre).
Was quite a fun evening,besides the fact i had to wait for two hours to get a cab..yea..i dont have any transport to go anywhere cuz my manager is away in Kelantan
Gladly i finally found my self a ride,and made it there finally!

Then i went to KLCC,YES alone..
hhahaha..but i just need to buy some stuff.Was home around 8pm.Fhewww wut a day! Guess what..few hours after that i was not feeling very well..:(


nadiya said...

not feeling well as in sakit or sad?

nadiya said...

hi.. just saw u on af accompanying nadia.. i have to say I LOVE U.. haha

my heart goes out to her and all the negative input that she got.. i have to say she is so much like u bt so different..

but all in all ur still my fav.. u look thinner btw

Mrs Meor said...

didn't know you have a blog before.
keep up the blog.

Anonymous said...

hey amylea,

still remember me?
havent seen you since form 2 though...
igt lagi project kite yang nak dibuat dgn allahyarham cikgu yusof?

Still remember that we always compete each other in english subject... haha... so you a star now...
good luck and all the best in ur career yah. Me still study lol.. meanwhile also doing event and modelling:P.

hope one day we can meet up. dh lama x sembang ngan you.

cheers and all the best!