Thursday, April 3, 2008


Turun je from Genting,around 3 sumthing..went straight to Biro Karyawan meeting held in Karyawan office in PJ,
We have discussed programs and promotion strategy to get more new artists to join us in this new Biro.

We were thinking of putting up a get together party,sumthing like "Layar Tanchap'( to those who dont know what'Layar Tanchap' is,
its a 'santai jamming session..heheh
so anybody can pick up a mic and sing and show their talent.
Not like a karaoke,mostly people who really have talents to show..hehehe
So,we believe this way can attract young new artsist to come and join the Biro.
Have said that,we will announce when and where it will be held...and everybody from the local scene can join the party!

After the meeting that took around 3 hours,i head up to Damansara Perdana,to record the malay version of 'When We Dance' with joe Flizzow.
I was quite happy with the result.Technically that's the last track for my album!
And i cant wait to release it!!
its such a good song..thank you so much Joe!

>>>selepas 3 coming soon!!

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Yeah, tak sabar nak beli...