Tuesday, March 3, 2009



mmg lama tak update blog ni sejak check in katt sini13 january lepas,
sorry sgt cuz i did not have a laptop to use,yg lain ada la kdg2 i pinjam tapi sekejap2 jer just to answer few shout out box comments kat website.
but recently after the 2 nd week 's show my kind friend james wong lend me his personal laptop so dat i can chat and update with people. how cool is that?

anyways, talking about comments and such, my mum told me recently that someone is very upset with my english.. hehehheeh its the funniest thing actually not saying that i'm very2 good but boleh la nk ajar2 sket cewaaahh..
actually when i look back at my blog, the ones that i wrote.. actually baru teringat i wrote it secara nk cepat2 semua2 dan tak check balik tapi i rasa its just a few here and there mistakes,m not guna write an establish novel katanya hehehe
but this is just a shout out from my heart, a diary so i dunt think those wud create a big fuss.,
tapi takpelah i repaired a few damages here and there.. takpelah..

eyh anyway enough said..
wow last week was a blast...


haiyaaa sedih woo masa tu.. i rasa nk tercabut semua plug2 kat dlm badan..
i think i was not breathing the entire moment.. kak ju kat depan( juita jalil- our mentor)
was asking me to show a good face lah.. suruh i smile, i keep geleng2 kepala tanda nk pengsan dh ni kak juuuu...
i really dont want to leave.....i have sooo much to give..YA RABBI,,'

Walaupun bersyukur pada tuhan yg saya masih diberi peluang,but loosing Ayu is so hard to cope.
Ayu is my roomate,selain Esther,Fify..Ayu share satu katil with me...


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