Saturday, January 3, 2009

akan tiba


When "sindarela'the series ended.My ex manager call me and tell me that ezad is planning a new series
sumthing about food and love.
And wanted me to write the main theme for it.
At first i was a bit confuse on how this will turn out cuz i didnt have any idea how to work on it this time
THen ezad called and explain thru out the movie.. at this point he said it concerns the element of italian thingy;'
so i guess wow.. wut an experiment this cud be,he also tell me how the story is going to be like,t characters,the plot.. basically jalan cerita la..
tapi dia sendiri pun belum tulis skrip lagi nih!
but thats ok i understood and started to imagine how the song will be like
and boleh tak masuk in certain2 scenes..
i wrote few verses and melody.. masa ni mmg tkde tajuk i draft..(gourmet hatiku) wahahhaha ntah pape2 la tu
but the lyrics was a bit different..
masa ni i wrote the song..
watak bront( roni) is singing to his gf Gia
padahal i sepatutnya write roni singing to rona.

so the lyrics was like dis..


Kau ku rindu
engkaulah yg ku tunggu
tertunggu selama ini
tak ku jumpa
dengannya ku di lamun indah
kau anggap cinta takkan tiba
jika kau tiada,,

if m not mistaken its like dat la..
tak best kan? hehehehe

and then, benda ni draggy lama giler.. i tot cm buat ke tak 'rona roni makaroni ni
i stop working on this song for a while until isma call me..
so i cakap.. i nk sgt dgrkan lagu ni kat ezad duno wut he wud think..
utk pengetahuan umum.. i DO NOT have a recorder at this point.. hilang ntah mana.. alah recorder pakai kaset jer tuh.. erghh dh ada lagu dlm tu semua byk,,.urmm
kurang ajaq toi sape yg curi..
anyway.. back to that..
i met isma..and kinda sing it to him.. at first he didnt like it cuz masa ni lagu ni cam fast..
kononnya cam rancak.. isma cakap tak cukup romantik..
i say,ouhh its nothing.. let me sing it in a slower tempo for u
then baru dia dpt the picture..
i really believe its a nice melody.. so dia ckp ok let us just work on this song nnt bagi ezad dgr..

skip skip...
i told audi la that m doing this song for a drama..
tapi tatau lah if they're guna take it or not..
so i bring my guitar preview kat dia,.,.
hgahah funny.. takde recorder or a simple demo..
isma pun i bwk guitar and preview to him

sum place we discuss nak tambah2 so i balik i tambah2.. tu lah yg dpt bridge tuh..

: ertikanlah.. pagi ku yg kaku.. tanpa kamu..( sebelum ni takde pun)

discuss2 with isma

Isma has listen to few of my songs and he say my song are so maskulin yg badjet lelaki yg nyanyi not perempuan
Well.. i know and well notice of that.. i like to write song more tougher style (in singing) rather then so cute cute girlish stuff.
and so was this song yg takde title lagi jugak pun by this point..

and when i tukar2 the lyrics..jadi..


Kau ku cinta
engkaulah yg ku puja
tertunggu selama ini
takku ku jumpa
denganmu ku dilamun indah
ku harap cinta
akan tiba
di hati kita..

and masa ni lyrics dah finalize.i decided i dunt want to sing this song..
i want a guy.. sum1 else of course..terpecah rahsia la bler isma ckp lagu ni lelaki nyanyi i pun ckp tanak nyanyi heheheh

so we sit down and listen to voices that i have in my phone.
skip skip skip..

i had to call my good fren Alif Satar.. and so i know he's really good.. he is willing to sing this song
for me. and agrees to shoot a video!!

and the title 'akan tiba'just got thru my mind terus biler i sing it ...
and terus call isma saying that/.i want "akan tiba' to be the title he also got a good vibe on it and likes it lah..

talking about versionsss

arghh byk kejerrr..

akan tiba main
akan tiba acoustic-alif
akan tiba acoustic-amylea
akan tiba rnb -flava
akan tiba acapella happy-flava
akan tiba acapella sad-flava
akan tiba instrumental..

We did the recording masa bulan puasa,..
so 1st we record the acapella version where the sad version flava did the vocal arrangements while the happy i yg buat..
we didnt use much of it anyways,,hahha

and we recorded Rnb satu masalah tu,cuz we had problems on how making this versions works.. by arrangements and stuf.. cool that flava dudes were all so commited to the task.. thanks guys..

Recorded Alif.. both version the same day..woah.. i betul2 perah tenaga frm alif.. but he smiles all the way to the end .. and pull it off. it was so cool!
thank you thank you.. i hope u puas ati on the producing side ok!

We had different mixing di sebabkan time and budget i guess..
both alif version Audi yg tolong mix..was so awesome doing the old radio effects and all that.

my version and flava were mixed by JD from Pop Shuvit.

and all were mastered by Nick Lee.. cHANTEK GILER LA STUDIO DIER MAK AIHHH..

ok..i hope that one day i can use that studio for any of my song recordings.. mahal sikit la.. but yeahh mesti worth it ..

And so we shoot the video..i went and teman alif,and just to be there when they shoot it..just wanna be a part of it..
it was so cool.. i just cant believe they're using my song for this drama..:D:D:D:D:D

akan tiba

song&lyrics: Amylea

Produced by: Amylea,Isma Yusoof,Ash'BAU'

Arrangements: Pam Yuen


FaRHaNa-KuN said...
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FaRHaNa-KuN said...

owhhhhh amylea gudluck in OIAM! neway ur new arranged song, Akan Tiba is sooooooo good! love it so much! n u choose right person to sing it too! Love u n Alif! Cant wait till it will be included in album! All the best! Takecare!

Mohariz Yaakup said...

Congratulation...I suka lagu u..

Nana Rosli said...

u noe what, they called 'rona roni's song! hahaha
love da lyrics, and aliff sing it very well =)